Heritage Custom Farming
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(note: Prices are based on a 10 acre field. Prices may vary per job.)

Hourly rates
Tractor: $100.00 per hour
Pickup/trailer: $75.00 per hour
Labor rate: $25.00 per hour

Custom contract haying: $125 per acre price include swathing, raking, baling, and stacking bales at the field. Hauling off of site is extra depending on distance and location to be hauled.

Haying on shares: Shares depend on the field Quality most shares are 70%/30% land owner getting 30%.

Custom Haying
Swathing: $25 per acre
Raking: $20 per acre
Square Baling: $1.00 per bale
Pick bales loading or stacking: $0.50 per bale (only if we baled)
Round baling: $14.00 per bale
Round bale loading or stacking: $2.00 per bale at the field, (Hauling off of site is extra depending on distance and location to be hauled)
Delivery of hay or straw $25 per ton for the first 20 miles: $0.50 per mile after 20 miles

Field Renovations

Field assessment and project report: $250.00
Soil Sample: $150.00

No-Till Drill: $100 per acre

Package field restoration: Starting at $700.00 per acre, price is determined by size and complicity of the project, plus mileage (see below)
Package includes the following:
Spraying to kill plants
Standard blend of seed (if seed needs are special price may increase)
Standard blend of fertilizer (if soil sample requires special fertilizer price may increase)
Mowing in mid summer to help keep weeds in control
Fertilizing following spring
Spraying weeds following spring

Mileage: mileage is based on miles from Creston includes all travel to complete the project package

Field Maintenance
Spraying to Control Weeds: $75 per acre
Fertilizing of Existing Field With Standard Blend: $75.00 per acre (if requires special fertilizer price may increase)
Aerating and Dragging: $35 per acre
Harrowing or Dragging: $25 per acre

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