Crop Nutrition

Agrigro Products

AgriGro’s® biotechnology products for crop nutrition are designed to help growers produce higher yields from healthier crops and soil. Verified by extensive, replicated third-party research, AgriGro’s® proprietary blend of essential macro and micronutrients, enzymes and amino acids improve soil conditions and enhance nutrient uptake.

FoliarBlend® simply helps a plant to reach its genetic yield potential by boosting plant growth, increasing nutrient uptake, supporting plant health and quality, and building a healthy growing environment. Research has proven that crops treated with FoliarBlend® are healthier, have improved nutrient uptake and availability, plant growth and higher yields. FoliarBlend® represents a new generation of technology containing complex carbohydrates, essential plant micro-nutrients, a proprietary blend of beneficial enzymes, amino acids and a host of nutritional supplements not found in ordinary N-P-K fertilizers. FoliarBlend® has a profound effect on both the plant and soil environment.